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CPD for Nursing and Allied Health

Healthcare workforce providers around the world realise the benefits and importance of good professional development for healthcare practitioners. It is widely acknowledged that practitioners must develop their professional and behavioural skills to perform in a specialised context and to maximise patient care. For most health practitioners continuing professional development (CPD) is a registration requirement, for others it is essential to demonstrate ongoing competence in their field of practice.

Health Education Australia Ltd (HEAL, formerly VMPF) has nearly 100 years of experience in the provision of health practitioner education. Since its inception in 1920 it has provided CPD to medical practitioners (before the College of Surgeons and Physicians even existed) and for more than 30 years (offered until recently) HEAL delivered hundreds of multi-disciplinary lectures a year, that were accredited by the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) and various medical colleges, through the country education program (funded by the Department of Health Victoria).

HEAL continues to offer a variety of programs for health practitioners (nationally) and is now formally adopting an approach to provide a customised suite of online education programs through its CPD for Nursing and Allied Health program. Our individual online courses of varying topics have been mapped against competency frameworks.