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Eligible Criteria for Grants

The vision and purpose of the applicant's organisation, and the proposed project, are consistent with the vision and purpose of HEAL and the scope of activities of the Foundation.

The applicant is able to demonstrate the knowledge and the expertise necessary to implement the project as well as the skills necessary for the sustainable management of the project and the responsible stewardship of resources.

The applicant has the support of the proposer’s supporting authority.

The applicant organisation is a not-for-profit entity.

Application Guidelines

These guidelines have been developed to assist organisations and/or individuals in the development of an application for sponsorship.

Applications must be made using the Application Form (PDF or WORD) available on this website.

  1. All sections must be completed.
  2. Please be as concise as possible by limiting information to the spaces provided in the available text boxes.
  3. Demonstrate a clear, well-defined project with clear goals, objectives and measurable outcomes, and explain how they will be evaluated.
  4. Explain how the need for the project was determined.
  5. Provide a specific timeline for implementation.
  6. Describe your method/approach to complete the project.
  7. Explain how this project aligns with HEAL and the Foundation.
  8. Describe the background and qualifications of the applicant organisation to implement the project.
  9. Provide budget details including:
    - A breakdown of how the grant will be used.
    - If the grant is not funding the whole project, indicate the source and status of supplementary funding.
    - If the project is ongoing, indicate how it will be sustained at the end of the funding period.
  10. Ensure your application reaches the HEAL Foundation by the due time and date.