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How the Applications are Processed

  1. The HEAL Foundation accepts and acknowledges receipt of applications, and may seek further information or clarification from the applicant
  2. The applications are reviewed by the (Staff) Executive Committee and prioritised for a recommendation to the Board of Directors
  3. The Board of Directors will review the recommendations and may ask for a presentation by the applicant. The Directors will be vigilant to ensure that structures are in place to provide proper financial accountability and that there is evidence of ability to report on measurable outcomes
  4. Results will be announced according to the date timeline. Recipients will enter in to a Sponsorship Agreement with HEAL.

Some Broad Criteria used by the Review Committee to Assess Applications

  1. That the project is in keeping with the vision and purpose of HEAL and the scope of activities of the Foundation
  2. Evidence of planning:
    - Goals and objectives, content rationale
    - Sound planning for monitoring, evaluation and outcome performance measures
    - The sustainability of the project when the Foundation's sponsorship ends
  3. Measurable benefit:
    - Evidence of realistic, measurable and achievable project goals and outcomes
    - Evidence of the extent to which this project is meeting a need not being met through other sources
  4. Capacity of the applicant organisation:
    - To demonstrate its ability to manage the project's objectives
    - To prepare and administer a budget for the project and the organisation