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Successful Recipients

Successful recipients of funding from the HEAL Foundation include Friends4Fiji and Global Ideas.


Founded in 2009, the Friends4Fiji initiative is a grassroots international partnership between the medical students of Monash University in Melbourne and the rural Umanand Prasad School of Medicine (UPSM) in Fiji. The partnership aims to enhance medical education and health outcomes in Fiji and Australia by facilitating donations of learning and medical equipment, organising shared learning opportunities abroad and encouraging clinical engagement with the pressing health concerns of the Pacific region.

Friends4Fiji has donated much needed medical equipment, textbooks, anatomical models and stethoscopes. The items donated are based on requests from UPSM students and fulfil an important practical role in educating future doctors.

Since 2010, opportunities to build relations between the two countries have been forged; Australian Friends4Fiji members voluntarily attend conferences held in Fiji, run by the Sai religious organisation, whereby the Australian contingent accompany their UPSM colleagues, a doctor-led camp, to provide poor rural Fijian communities with medical care. Conversely, for the past 3 years, Friends4Fiji has successfully sponsored two students from UPSM to visit Melbourne on a study tour. UPSM students attend lectures and experience typical clinical placements with their Australian colleagues in Melbourne hospitals.

In 2015, Friends4Fiji launched a series of online modules teaching ‘critical appraisal’ skills, developed in conjunction with the Head of Evidence Based Clinical Practice teaching at Monash University. Modules are delivered via Facebook to students in both Fiji and Monash University to encourage discussion and collaboration between the student groups. There is also a repository of student-written medical notes available to the Fijian students. Additionally in 2015, Friends4Fiji held their inaugural Pacific Health Education Night at which Professor Robert Moulds, HEAL Medical Advisor, was a guest speaker.

HEAL recognises the importance of this work and provided Friends4Fiji with funding to purchase the following items:

  • Anatomy models
  • Simulation models
  • Littmann stethoscopes
  • CHIP computers
  • UpToDate access (evidence-based clinical decision support resource)
  • Research Training Modules
  • Health Promotion

Global Ideas

Global Ideas is an organisation that believes each one of us has a part to play in taking action for better health for all and therefore has created an interdisciplinary community of global health innovators.

By reaching out to globally minded citizens, both within and beyond health, to include entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and anyone with a passion for better health for all; they think differently about creating the change that communities in our region desire.

Global Ideas is based on beliefs that:

  • Everyone regardless of their skills or experience can take action for healthier lives
  • Adaptive solutions are required to address health problems in our changing world
  • A collaborative approach to problem solving produces more innovative solutions

To achieve their goals, they have adopted a design thinking approach to think more creatively about how responses are developed to global health challenges. The strength of the design thinking approach is not the ideas themselves, but the capacity to create prototype solutions to test assumptions, and where a solution shows promise, to iterate, evolve and scale. Adopting design thinking is a way to step back and develop the capacity to creatively solve global health challenges by mastering the process of problem solving that bridges ideas to action through diverse collaboration. In this way, Global Ideas helps communities in our region make practical improvements to their own health.

HEAL proudly sponsored the following activities:

  1. Funding of video production at 2017 Global Ideas Forum in Melbourne to be disseminated worldwide
  2. The engagement of consultants in 2016 to develop an ‘Impact Model’ that provides Global Ideas a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework that will enable Global Ideas to better articulate the impact and effectiveness of its activities
  3. A workshop session at the 2015 Global Ideas Forum in Melbourne