AMC Bridging Courses

Our Australian Medical Council (AMC) bridging courses are designed to prepare international medical graduates for their Medical Board of Australia assessments. We offer both face-to-face and online courses.

Professor Rob Moulds outlines why you should choose HEAL.

MCQ Bridging Course

The MCQ Bridging Course is an intensive 6-week, full-time program offering tutorials and activities on common medical conditions tested by the AMC. The MCQ Bridging Course also provides the opportunity to sit multiple online MCQ trial exams via the E-Learning tool, plus a formal MCQ trial exam under exam conditions.

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MCQ One Day Targeted Sessions

These One Day Targeted MCQ Preparation Sessions cover conditions commonly tested in the AMC MCQ exam. You can choose to do one of more of these one day sessions to assist you in your AMC MCQ exam preparation. 

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Online MCQ Bridging Course

The Online MCQ Bridging Course is a 10 week course offering the Adult Health (Medicine/Surgery) Unit with modules arranged to comprehensively match the AMC MCQ exam topics. Participants in the online course are offered a range of resources and learning activities made available to you as you progress through your course. The course is suitable for those who need flexible study time due to other obligations. You can study in your own location at a time that suits you.

Participants will have access to written materials, filmed content, live webinars, tutor and peer interaction via an online forum and MCQ exam practice. Participants will also have access to the online Therapeutic Guidelines (eTG Complete) during the course and be directed to external resources for additional study.

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Clinical Bridging Course INTENSIVE

The Clinical Bridging Course Intensive, is a full time program consisting of tutorials/lectures, role-plays and other activities. The program is designed to enhance your communication and clinical skills in all areas relevant to the AMC Clinical exam. We offer a 9 week course in Melbourne and Sydney.

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Clinical Preparation Course 6 DAY

6 day clinical preparation course offers candidates the opportunity to increase confidence and improve performance in the AMC clinical examination. The course provides a focussed approach to exam preparation and provides a greater understanding of the exam format. Across the 6 days candidates will roleplay cases appropriate to the AMC clinical exam. The course is aimed at candidates who feel that they are almost ready to sit their exam.

Candidates will also have the opportunity to develop techniques for a structured approach to cases, have plenty of opportunity to practice and observe clinical role-play scenarios and receive feedback about role-play performance.

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Clinical Bridging Course FEE-HELP

The Clinical Bridging Course FEE-HELP is offered in Melbourne and Sydney and is a 12 week course preparing International Medical Graduates for the Australian Medical Council exam and medical practice in Australia. Contact (Tutor) hours are approximately 24 hours per week with additional self-study time using the e-learning centre or other resources and clinic visits. Class contact hours or clinic visits can be scheduled on any day between Monday to Friday.

You can only apply for FEE-HELP if you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia.

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Clinical Trial Exam

Each exam is conducted using the same format as that of the AMC Clinical Examination with 16 Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) stations and 4 rest stations. The OSCEs cover medical, surgical, psychiatric, obstetrics & gynaecology and paediatric clinical situations. Candidates have 2 minutes reading time, 8 minutes to complete the task and then 2 minutes feedback from the Examiner at each station. A feedback session is held immediately after the examination.

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