Online Clinical Bridging Course (All topics)

Online | 12 weeks | $4,500

Our Online Clinical Bridging Courses are taught by experienced practitioners via live online classes. You will be guided through a range of clinical subjects to learn how they are practiced in Australia and how they should be approached in your clinical exam. By the time you have finished the course, you will have all the knowledge you need to sit the AMC clinical exam with confidence.

Online Clinical Bridging Course (ALL TOPICS)


Duration: 12 weeks, including 226 hours of interactive online classes, a formal trial exam + pre-reading

Delivery format: Online

Class times: 10am - 1 or 2pm, Monday to Friday (Melbourne time).  To offer some additional content we may schedule additional classes as necessary outside of these hours.

Date Delivery method
15 January 2024 to 5 April 2024 Online
22 April 2024 to 12 July 2024 Online
15 July 2024 to 4 October 2024 Online

Course Features

  • A trial exam, with feedback, is included towards the end of your course.
  • Ongoing access to our online content and tutor presentations for 6 months.
  • Extended access to the Therapeutic Guidelines database for 12 months (exclusive HEAL arrangement).
  • Additional mini mock clinical trial exam practice
  • Extra physical examinations now added to the course. (see below list).
  • This course is available to all IMGs

Topics Covered

  • Breast / endocrine
  • Circulatory system / heart/vessels including ECGs
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Critical care / anaesthesia / emergency care
  • Gastrointestinal system / abdomen / abdominal wall
  • Head neck / eye / ENT
  • Infectious diseases
  • Integument / dermatology
  • Musculoskeletal / orthopaedics / rheumatology
  • Nervous system / neurology
  • Nutrition / metabolism / male reproductive system
  • Respiratory system / lungs / chest wall
  • Female reproductive system / obstetrics / gynaecology
  • General practice / public health
  • Major psychiatric disorders / drug and alcohol abuse
  • Mental state / intellectual function / behaviour problems
  • Normal and abnormal growth / child health / paediatric

Physical exams covered

Mental health Chest and abdominal Women's health Musculoskeletal Paediatrics Neurological and other exams
MSE (Mental State Exam) Respiratory and cardiovascular Exam of pregnant woman Joint pain both hands Rash (mouth/herpes)

Eye exam (swelling)
(Complete eye exam)

Right upper quadrant pain Cervical screening Wrist pain Cardiovascular Facial trauma
Lower quadrant pain Pap smear Laceration on hand (wrist/thumb) Respiratory Cranial nerve exam
Cervical spine Obstetric exam Lower back pain Haematological exam
Breast exam Knee exam Neurological examination
Menorrhagia hypothyroidism Ankle exam
Compartment syndrome
Upper and lower limb


Class times are outlined above by the course date.  Class times will remain the same for the duration of that course. Please read the class times carefully.  If you are not in the Sydney/Melbourne time zone please check your local time to avoid missing classes.

IMG Connect

Upon registering for any course, you will be automatically enrolled in HEAL's exclusive platform for HEAL students, IMG Connect, where you can access free resources to help you confidently transition into the Australian medical workforce once you pass your AMC exams.

Course Inclusions

  • Roleplay: the common AMC cases and scenarios with personalised feedback.
  • Monday to Friday timetable with live online classes.
  • We offer a formal online trial examination with feedback towards the end of your course. The trial exam will help you to become familiar with the AMC online exam environment and provide a real-life experience of the exam.
  • We include an accredited Clinical Communication Workshop worth 7.5 RACGP CPD hours.
  • Our presentations contain the most relevant, high frequency AMC cases, are up to date and contain current guidelines.
  • Communication is a big reason for failure for the exam. With HEAL, we offer an expert in communications and language who will teach you the appropriate approach to patients for the exam. These sessions will help to refine your communication skills, body language, and appropriate spoken language. Sessions will cover breaking bad news scenarios, managing angry patients, mania, etc.
  • Pre-reading material is available in advance to help prepare you for the types of cases the tutor will discuss with you in class.
  • Tutors will make you aware of the current important guidelines so you will be fully up-to-date.
  • Our exclusive Simulated Patient sessions are extremely popular and provide you with a real to life opportunity to consult with a ‘patient’ and receive feedback from them.
  • The course is well structured with consideration of all AMC domain areas.
  • Our course also covers medico legal/ethical issues including medical consent taking, euthanasia etc, to resolve any confusion.
  • HEAL’s Learning Management System (elearning) provides a significant amount of information on relevant AMC topics for you to review throughout the duration of the course. Students will have access to all tutor presentation slides here.
  • Student chat room – students will be able to consolidate their learning and continue practicing role plays outside of class hours with other students in the course.

Course entry requirements

  • There are no course entry requirements. This course is available to all IMGs.
  • You will need a reliable internet connection.
  • You will need access to a computer, tablet or smartphone and a quiet space.
  • To be involved in role plays you will need a webcam and microphone..


How much time should I allocate for the course?

The Online Clinical Bridging Course (All Topics) includes approximately 18 hours per week of live online classes. You need to allocate additional time for pre-reading before each webinar. We estimate up to 2-3 hours, but that will depend on the topic and your current knowledge. Time will be scheduled in your course timetable for pre-reading however it can be done at any time around your other commitments.

What time are the online classes planned?

Classes will be scheduled consistently Monday to Friday from 10am - 1pm/ 2pm (Melbourne/ Sydney, Australia time). We may from time to time offer an additional class in the afternoon or on the weekend . Please check the specific course for scheduled class time. If you are in another Australian state or territory, or in another country, please check your local time. 

What are the system requirements?

We use Zoom for online classes. You can download the free app to attend classes. Zoom works seamlessly across PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Download Zoom Mobile Apps for iPhone or Android or download Zoom desktop client for meetings. More information can be found on the ZOOM System Requirements information page.

What have past students said about our online bridging courses?

"Initially, I had been apprehensive about it. But after one or two online classes I adjusted pretty well. The prompts were easy to follow. The interaction with the tutors was still maintained. We had a great time continuing our case practice and ended the course on a high note. This course was an eye-opener for me. I got the best guidance about the exam format, techniques, and my own merits and flaws. I feel more confident about the exam than I did before the course. Thank you to the HEAL family for all the help and support." - Dr. Najeeha Ahmed

"HEAL course was an unforgettable experience! From getting to know people coming from all over the world, to learning something new every day, I didn’t feel the time go! Unfortunately due to the current situation, we had to shift to online classes. But it was a new experience altogether. Needless to say it saved a lot of time on commuting, giving us more time to study. The classes always started on time, distractions were minimal and the best part was, we learned at the comfort of our home. All our questions were clarified then and there. The lectures were great, lecturers were extremely helpful, and I personally felt like it was a win-win situation!" - Dr. Dakshi de Silva

"I really benefited from the course, the best things for me were: very open environment for discussions with the knowledgeable teachers and colleagues. fair opportunity for role play, trial exam was a great help to reflect on my shortcomings, -the course provided an excellent platform for me to interact with other doctors in group, and I got access to several books and links shared by teachers and participants, still benefitting from the learning resources provided by Heal team, one on one session was a great opportunity to focus on my week areas and Paul provided lots of extra cases, Heal course has a huge role in my success in AMC clinical exam. Thank you for all your help, you are doing a great service to immigrants through your course." - Dr. Ayesha Imran