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Clinical Bridging Course (FEE-HELP)

A HEAL and Victoria University collaboration that offers students the opportunity to access the FEE-HELP loan scheme. NO UPFRONT FEE is required and repayment is by contributions via the Australian Taxation Office, once you earn a certain salary.

For more information about the FEE-HELP loan visit www.studyassist.gov.au

Our Clinical Bridging Course (FEE-HELP) is a full-time program (24 contact hours a week) taught by practitioners in their respective fields. You will be taken through a range of clinical subjects and learn how to apply them to practise in Australia.

Lectures and tutorials are classroom based and include regular ward visits, and focus on:

  • medicine
  • surgery
  • obstetrics and gynaecology
  • paediatrics
  • psychiatry
  • workplace preparation, such as diagnosis, consulting and communication skills.

AMC Handbook Cases: cases from the AMC Handbook of Clinical Assessment are covered thouroughly during the course. Tutors focus on cases that create particularly difficult communication challenges. 

As a student you will be given the opportunity to observe in the clinical environment.

Additionally, the course features a number of role-play workshops, which encourage you to get fully involved in discussions on key issues with fellow students. The emphasis of these sessions is on the appropriate use of language in a professional medical environment.

Available courses

Clinical Bridging Course (FEE-HELP)

Duration: 12 weeks (24 contact hours per week)
Locations: Melbourne & Sydney

$9,600 inc GST

2019 course dates now available. Head to our Online Shop to view and apply.

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Course information

Trial Exam Included

To prepare you for your AMC clinical exam, our Clinical Bridging Course includes a clinical trial exam prior to the end of the course. Just like the real thing, this features 16 objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) stations, each eight minutes long. We’ll give you detailed feedback on your performance, both individually and in groups – so you know which areas to focus on. For further information about the Clinical Trial Exam click here.

Hospital Visits

Also included in the course are weekly visits to the public hospital setting (Melbourne), where you will be taught by practicing clinicians, the importance of consultation skills. This will include visits to the wards to observe doctor and patient interaction. In Sydney, students have the opportunity to visit the emergency department of a large public hospital and also, practice their consultation skills with trained simulated patients. 

Communication and Language skills

Additionally, an expert in communications and language (from Victoria University) will teach you the appropriate approach to patients for the Australian healthcare setting (and for the exam).  

Entry requirements

  • A pass in the AMC MCQ examination
  • Citizenship or permanent residency in Australia only (no temporary visa holders)
  • Proficiency in the English language is recommended
  • A police check is required to be submitted on the first day of the course.

Course inclusions

  • AMC Handbook Of Clinical Assessment
  • Visits to hospital ward or emergency department


A list of accommodation providers will be sent on request.

Learn More

For more information, email us at heal@heal.edu.au or call the International Medical Graduates team on +61 3 9642 3450.