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Simulated Patient Hire

With our dedicated Simulated Patient program, healthcare educators can source and engage with trained simulated patients whenever they need to.

Looking for simulated patients for your program?

We take the time and angst out of recruiting

We recruit and train simulated patients according to different educational needs, introducing them to the role and preparing them to work in the health education environment.

Find simulated patients who best match your education programs

Once they’re trained, our simulated patients are listed on our central database, which is easy to search. 

Be confident of presenting the same role to students in exam situations

Our simulated patients are trained to the same, consistently high standards.

Pass constructive feedback to your students

Our appropriately trained simulated patients can provide feedback from a patient’s perspective.

Learn more

To find out more about our Simulated Patient Program, why not contact us today? You can email us on heal@heal.edu.au or call us on +61 3 9642 3450.