Confidently transition into the Australian workforce with IMG Connect

IMG Connect is a free platform, available exclusively to past and present HEAL students, containing resources and free courses to help you gain employment in the Australian medical system. 

HEAL students have lifetime access to IMG Connect. You can gain access by purchasing any HEAL course! Read on to see the benefits of joining the HEAL family. 

Prof George Braitberg

Access resources to assist you in gaining employment

Access a number of resources to assist you in gaining employment, including a CV tutorial, templates, guides and information on registration standards. 
Prepare for your interview

Prepare for your interview with our free interview skills course

Prepare for interviews by completing our Effective Interview Skills for Junior Doctors course, included free in IMG Connect (RRP $99).
job vacancies

View current job listings throughout Australia

Stay up-to-date with the latest job vacancies Australia-wide, via HEAL's database of job listings.
discussion board

Chat with like-minded peers who are on the same journey

Share experiences and ideas, and ask questions to your fellow IMGs via our IMG Connect discussion board. The networks you create may assist you in furthering your career in Australia. 
exam resources

Access resources to help you pass your exam

You can access our database of HEAL's free MCQ and Clinical preparation webinars to help you pass your AMC exams, and easily register for upcoming webinars.

Meet your CPD requirements and set your resume apart

Contribute to your CPD requirements and bolster your CV through the Australasian Institute of Clinical Governance (AICG), a division of HEAL. You can access free blogs and courses to enhance your skills in safety and quality.

How do I access IMG Connect?

If you are a current or past HEAL student, simply log in to HEAL's eLearning platform and you will see IMG Connect appear on your dashboard. Click on this course and follow the prompts to gain access.


How long do I have access for?

Access to IMG Connect is unlimited for all our past and present HEAL students. Once you take part in one of our courses, you join our HEAL family and we will always be here to support and guide you where we can.

Do I have to pay to use IMG Connect?

No you do not! IMG Connect is free for all past and present HEAL students to keep you connected. If you have or currently are completing a HEAL course then you have lifetime access to the content and guidance here on IMG Connect.

Can I access IMG Connect without completing a HEAL course?

IMG Connect is only available to HEAL students and is an additional benefit of completing one of our bridging courses. You can view our upcoming MCQ and Clinical course dates to find the right course for you.

If any of your important questions haven’t been answered, please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.