Why Choose HEAL

HEAL, formerly VMPF has been synonymous with quality medical education for 100 years. In that time, we’ve helped thousands upon thousands of graduates from around Australia and overseas acquire the skills and qualifications they were looking for.

HEAL is one of the most trusted education providers for health professionals in Australia and internationally. We take great pride in delivering quality education and providing the best experiences for our students. It is because of the high standards we set that we have been able to create this great legacy.

Aside from our long history, here are some other reasons why HEAL should be your first choice for health education:

  • Not-For-Profit status – Our students are at the forefront of what we do and we work hard to create the best possible learning experience with learning outcomes in mind, not profits.
  • Partnership with Victoria University – HEAL is the only international graduate bridging course provider that offers a FEE-HELP course for Australian citizens and permanent residents. Our long-standing relationship with Victoria University is a testament to our professional approach to education.
  • Quality tutors – Our tutors are handpicked and rigorously trained to deliver our education programs. Moreover, our students say they feel that HEAL tutors are the most respectful tutors in comparison with other providers. You can read more about our tutors here.
  • Best practice – Our course hours are set so that you can get the most out of your course, without being overwhelmed. We only run courses Monday-Friday in a professional classroom environment. Our approach to AMC preparation is to avoid rote learning recalls and focus instead on content.
  • Word-of-mouth – More than half of HEAL’s students are referred by their friends or colleagues who have studied with us before. We are proud to deliver such high-quality education that people rave about.


“I would say that I was really very much benefited from this bridging course I took up for my preparation. And would highly recommend to my friends too (in fact I did already). HEAL trial exam was another wonderful experience. When I entered my actual exam, I didn't find it any different from the trial exam I had attended prior. That really helped me kill my stress and anxiety as I was quite familiar with the setup. That really made a difference I would say. Thanks so much."

Dr. Anjali Mardolkar, FEE-HELP Clinical Bridging Course alumni

“I am a loyal HEAL student. I undertook the HEAL online MCQ in July 2018 and most recently completed the HEAL clinical intensive course in January 2019. I am very happy to tell you that I passed my first attempt at the AMC clinical exam in June 2019! Other than that, I'd like to inform you too that two of my course mates also recently passed the clinical exam. I hope with this news, I can shed a positive light to all of the candidates out there, especially those who are having HEAL as part of their journey”.

Clarissa Yudakasuma, Online MCQ Bridging Course alumni

“The course was so helpful and exam-oriented that I passed the exam four weeks after the course finished. Soon after that, I enrolled in the HEAL Clinical FEE-HELP course. It was a three-month course that involved plenty of teaching and role-playing which was very helpful. I passed the AMC Clinical Examination two months after completing the course. Not having to pay for this course upfront was really great as I was not working at the time and we were relying on my husband's income alone to support us. After getting the exams out of the way, I began applying for jobs all over Australia and I am now happily a member of the junior medical workforce in Australia. I am glad to say that I owe this largely to the guidance I received at HEAL. Not only did HEAL help me pass the exams, but HEAL also helped in preparing me for work in the busy Australian hospital environment. I hope my story inspires other International Medical Graduates who would like to become valuable members of the Australian medical workforce. Thank you once again to the whole team at HEAL for making my dream come true. You are all truly amazing!”

Dr. Gladly Stephen, MCQ Bridging Course, and FEE-HELP Clinical Bridging Course alumni

"I attended the FEE-HELP Course at HEAL and completed my course in December 2018, I passed AMC Clinical in April 2019. My journey with HEAL has been incredible. The support and encouragement I received from HEAL really gave me a great boost to my confidence. The tutors are experienced and enthusiastic, they are always available to guide and help to solve queries. I had tutors in touch with me even after the completion of the course, who were constantly helping and guiding. In HEAL we take one day at a time, tutors are determined to focus on each and everyone in the group and address the weakness of each and every one, which could be a hurdle in the way of success. The management is very supportive and organized, very approachable and always open to suggestions. Another great advantage of being attached to HEAL is that they organized weekly classes with Austin Hospital. It was an incredible experience, been able to see how doctors communicate with the patient and their family members. We also had the opportunity to practice physical examination on real patients. Overall, I must say that I’m grateful to be a part of HEAL." 

Madhu Bhadka, FEE-HELP Clinical Bridging Course alumni

"Joining HEAL was the right decision for me. After 2 months of the intensive course, I was confident I could tackle any cases thrown at me. I was taught not only the right approach for every case but also to build rapport and communicate well with my patient which I believe is one of the most important aspects of becoming a good doctor. I passed my clinical examination on my first try about 2 months after finishing the course. It would be impossible without this course. Thank you HEAL!"

Fidelia Octaviani, Clinical Intensive Course alumni

"I enjoyed last night's webinar and it's great learning. HEAL never disappoints me. Lecturers are so good even during my AMC MCQ part 1 review with you. Looking forward for next webinar. "

Gloriewil Mondia, AMC Clinical Preparation Webinar attendee

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