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Our Programs

At HEAL, we provide a range of programs for students, professionals and healthcare organisations.

Some of these are aimed at helping international graduates secure a job in the Australian healthcare industry. Others – like our simulated patients program – are intended to assist in the delivery of quality health education across all health professions. They include: 

International Graduate program

If you’re an international graduate wanting to work in the Australian healthcare industry, the process can sometimes be confusing. Our range of programs is designed to give you the best chance of passing any exams you need to sit, such as the Australian Medical Council multiple choice question or clinical exam, and help you secure a job at the end.

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Simulated Participant program

Simulated participants play an important role in healthcare education, helping students to hone their diagnostic and communication skills. If you are interested in working with simulated participants, or you are interested in becoming a simulated participant, the HEAL program:

  • recruits;
  • trains; and
  • provides access to a network of simulated participants for educational programs. 

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